BORSCH (BETA) - Welcome to a DOOM like experience on your ZX Spectrum 128k

It was only just the other month that we showed you an eye opening Quake engine created by Alone Coder together with Dragons' Lord, that was running at an impressive speed on a standard ZX Spectrum 128k. Well fast forward to today and if you thought that was indeed impressive, then as of right now you can try out Vladimir Zubarev's (Dragons` Lord) latest Yandex Retro Games Battle entry of BORSCH. A beta version of a new game engine which aims to bring a Doom like experience to the ZX Spectrum 128k running at an impressive frame rate. 

While the text document provided with the beta, is entirely in Russian, this is what the website describes about the beta entered into the competition. "A young country lad grapples with the issues that have befallen his pig farm. Forced to identify infected piglets due to a mysterious outbreak of swine rabies, he also valiantly combats an invasion of flying chupacabras hungry for his well-fed livestock. Meanwhile a cunning Yeti roams nearby with its own devious plans. It's best to always stay alert!".

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  1. Faster than TLOU on my PC...

  2. Super cool. I wish we had had something like that for the 8bits back in the 80s!

    Btw, I want to thank the owner of the site for the love he puts into keeping it updated with this amazing content I can't find anywhere else. You can't imagine how happy you make some of us and how much we appreciate your work.

    1. Yeah, indieretronews rocks!

  3. Yes, I'll third that

  4. Very cool! This is magic


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