Inertia - An Atari XE/XL conversion from the BBC Micro version by Fandal and Buddy

Here on Indie Retro News we do love writing about the Atari XL/XE, I mean seriously we can't stop featuring the latest games released for this system. Well here we are with another story sent to us by Saberman, and it's the latest game of 'Inertia'; An Atari XE/XL conversion from the BBC Micro version by Fandal and Buddy! To coincide with this Atari XL/XE news update, Saberman has also done a video showing the game being played.

For those of you who have never played the game before ( Which includes me :p ), here is what Acorn Electron World said about Inertia which was released in 1990. "Inertia is a totally original game with a huge landscape just waiting to be explored. It is available for the Archimedes, BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. Scattered (or rather fiendishly placed) around the landscape are many special tiles which need to be collected. Your highly sensitive craft floats freely around the landscape and you must exert forces upon it to guide its speed and direction".

"You have a three dimensional viewpoint displaying a tiny fraction of the total playing area. There are walls, bridges, tunnels and ramps to negotiate and a host of mystery tiles with strange properties indeed. These include ice, jump and transformation tiles. There are even certain tiles which alternate the controls so that everything works in reverse! This massive game has been very carefully put together and solving the puzzles within it will need lateral thought and a lot of dexterity".

Links :1) Source  2) Game Info


  1. Looks a lot like Spindizzy also for the 8-but Ataris. Can’t wait to play this.

  2. "A totally original game" that looks exactly like Spindizzy :)

  3. Oh, God, the controls aren't mapped to the 3D grid, up is actually up etc. this makes the game unplayable, you have to make diagonals all the time.

    Shame, it seemed like a fun game.


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