GOBLiiiNS 5 - The retro classic GOBLiiiNS are back with a brand new game!

If you remember playing the comical puzzlers of Gobliiins, Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon, Goblins 3 and then the 3D variant of Gobliiins 4, which had it's first release as Gobliiins back in the 90's. Then you are going to love this latest news story that has just been sent to us through our email! As we have been informed that as of right now, you can download and play the latest release of GOBLiiiNS 5; L'Invasion des Morglotons. A brand new game which was unofficially announced by one of the founders of Sierra in a Youtube video and the creator Pierre Gilhodes.

First released in the early 90's for the Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Macintosh (and later iOS and Windows). You control a number of Goblins in a mix of adventure and puzzle solving as you find the solution to each screen before moving onto the next. Truly great games that are filled with comedy, from the crazy antics to the weird character voices. This latest release which has gone back to its roots of 2D. Features 16 big levels full of puzzles and comedy charm with a freely playable demo. 

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  1. The first three games were every but as hilarious as they were frustrating. Some puzzles were obnoxious or required absurd timing. I loved each one of them and I'm intrigued of seeing a new title in the series.

  2. Pierre Gilhodes (author) never was "founder of Sierra" , he was part of French team Coktel Vision, when Goblins originated. Very much later Sierra funded G3 and Woodruff... Wikipedia..? LOL

    1. Ultraschnibble4 May 2023 at 23:27

      Yes, Wikipedia it seems. They're referring to this video interview with Ken/Roberta Williams, which came out several months after G5 was being crowdfunded on Ulule, but I guess it was the first time outside of Facebook and Reddit someone talked about the game publicly.


  3. Wow! never played the fourth chapter but i played the first two on amiga and the third (alongside with the adventure "Woodruff" )on ms-dos! Great news indeed!!


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