Alloy Box - Punch and shoot your way through this new Amstrad CPC game from cngsoft

CNGSoft are no strangers to us on Indie Retro News, creating very enjoyable games such as The World Of Hire Hare, Duck Out, FROGALOT, Justin, BB4CPC and The Adventures of Timothy Gunn to name just some of the awesomeness from them. Well thanks to a double heads up today from both Xenomorph and ClassicReplay, we've been told CNGSOFT has released their new game of Alloy Box; An Amstrad game in which you must sneak into an enemy compound and recover the valuable secret hidden within.

In brief here's the latest about Alloy Box. "The player takes the role of a soldier whose goal is to successfully creep a the military compound, destroy the safe box, retake the secret and return it to the surface alive. At the beginning, the player has no weapons but his own fists, and the doors that join the different parts of the compound are closed. Thus, first he'll have to locate a weapon, find the magnetic cards that open the doors, and finally he'll look for dynamite to blast the safe box that keeps the secret inside. Meanwhile, the enemy soldiers (some armed with rifles, others carrying grenades) patrol the compound: if they spot the player they'll sound the alarm, open fire and summon more soldiers until they manage to kill the player, or if they cannot find him again, call the alarm off."

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  1. Looks like an Apogee or ID shareware alternative to Metal Gear.


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