Rally Cross 1.0 - Multiplayer top down racing game for the Amiga by Ozzyboshi and team

I'm a huge top down racing fan, from games such as Micro Machines to Supercars and Indy Heat on the Amiga. Well here's another top down racing game you might like to try that was recently updated for the Commodore Amiga, and it's 'Rally Cross 1.0' via Ozzyboshi and team; A tiny racing game that wasn't just featured as a developer diary during Phaze 101's game jam on car racing games, but also as a new release at the Flashparty 2023.

Here's the latest from the creator. "First of all the RC concept is not mine, I used to play an RC game in the late 90s on my Pentium 75Mhz machine (well... I remember the Amiga was already collecting dust in my ceiling at that time). I don't remember where I found the game... I just remember it was a shareware game and my friend bought the full version from the original author, Fabio Antoniazzi, then he sent back an envelope to him with 4 HD floppy disks inside. Well... for some strange reason I found this floppy disk on my ceiling at the end of 2022 and they were still partially working".

"In the same period, Phaze 101 launched a game jam on car racing games on Twitch, additionally, he asked me to be a regular guest in his channel and talk about Amiga hardware programming. Since RC was very fun to play I tried to do my own version for the Amiga and use the Twitch stream as a developer diary. The final outcome is not really like the original RC cars but... I am quite happy with the result considering the limitation of the Amiga if compared to a PC of late 90s".

  • Ozzyboshi / concept and code
  • Vectrex28 / fonts
  • Z3K / Tracks and background images
  • Lunix / Tracks
  • Oriens / Tracks
  • Maze / mod.alfetta background music
  • O. Stokka (4pLaY) / Coordination

Links :1) Info 2) Download


  1. Hold on, let me find a magnifying glass so I can see the cars ..

  2. In the late 90s we had Skidmarks on Amiga... The Amiga never had real limitations for this kind of games. Of course, if his Amiga was collecting dust, he couldn't know...


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