Briley Witch Chronicles 2 - Sarah Jane Avory's hit Commodore 64 game is getting a sequel!

This is incredible news if you have a Commodore 64, as thanks to a heads up through Twitter, we just found out that one of the best homebrew developers of Sarah Jane Avory, has announced that she is working on Briley Witch Chronicles 2 for the Commodore 64! The sequel to a hit game which will not only be a fabulous Japanese styled RPG, but it will feature plenty of retro goodness that is sure to whet your appetite. To coincide with this news, Sarah has provided the first teaser trailer for the game, which can be viewed below.

Here's the latest from the developer via Twitter. "Briley Witch Chronicles 2, a new RPG coming soon for the Commodore 64, PAL and NTSC. Follow the continuing adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world... Take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy cat - and best friend. Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is based on books 5 and 6 of the Briley Witch novels: The Fallen Witch, and Grey Waters". And that's all we have on this game so far, but as soon as we know more we will let you know!


  1. Ooh la bravissima Sarah Jane Avory si prepara a stupire nuovamente tutti i fans del retrogaming e a far tremare il C64 con una nuova spettacolare produzione !!!
    Thank You Sarah !!!

  2. The first one is fantastic, this is going to be great! <3

  3. I don't know what changed about the comment section but no amount of refreshing, enabling all cookies, blocking nothing what-so-ever ... makes the "Login with Google" function work for me. ;(

    My god I can't wait for this game! I loved the first one so much! That's gonna continue the story! NICE!

  4. The best news since the announcement of A Pig Quest. Hell, I'd even Kickstart this.

  5. The first game is brilliant, progression can be a little slow sometimes but it has a real hook once it gets going. One thing I did want to see in it is a high res overlay sprite for Briley - she deserves it! and maybe for a few for the other core characters. Looking forward to the sequel.

  6. To me it looks and plays just like the original. Is there anything new or improved upon over the original in this sequel? It seems more like an expansion disk for the original release.


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