Fantasy World Dizzy as an extended 2023 edition for the ZX Spectrum!

We've just come across another great news story especially if you have a ZX Spectrum, as we've been told through our Dizzy RetroGaming Facebook group and by Saberman, that the classic game of 'Fantasy World Dizzy', which was released back in the 1980's, has been re-released as an extended edition. A new Autumn edition of the game which doesn't just feature fixed graphics, but improved colouring of the forest and so so much more. To coincide with this news story, Saberman has also done a video of the game in action.

This is Fantasy World Dizzy, a very classic retro game from 1989 and released on multiple systems. This was the first Dizzy adventure to feature many additions which later became standard for the series, such as having three lives, an improved inventory system and a balance between puzzle-solving and hazards. This game also introduced the friendly Yolkfolk: Daisy, Denzil, Dozy, Dylan and Grand-Dizzy. Good old Grand-Dizzy was my favorite, usually found in his old chair.


  • * Screens and texts are now packed.
  • * Added two levels of attribute brightness, like in the previous games. In addition, the game now allows for hidden solid surfaces, and hidden transparent ones.
  • * Fixed the graphic for the small clump of leaves, and redrawn many trees, with reduced colour clash and other artefacts.
  • * Improved colouring of the forest.
  • * The fire sprite is now taken from Dizzy 6 and looks nicer.
  • * Daggers have been replaced with thorns and redrawn, also the thick rug has been redrawn (partially taken from Dizzy-6).
  • * Music can be toggled on/off by pressing ‘M‘.
  • * Now, when the 30th coin is collected, a different, previously unused melody plays.
  • * The scene with spinning hearts can now be skipped by pressing a key.
  • * Added the sound of pouring water in the fireplace and the sound of the hawk swooping.
  • * Restored lost tunes for 48K mode with improved player.
  • * Added sound effects for the beeper.
  • * Russian translation made.
  • * Added Easter eggs.
  • * Added several screens.
  • * Added a few items and some other graphics.


  • * After the pickaxe and door knocker events, they are removed and cannot be used again.
  • * The apple can no longer be given to the empty spot that the troll has escaped from.
  • * The rat now reacts specifically to the presence of the bread in its path, and not to the trace of the previously dropped bread.
  • * Now the dragon egg cannot be taken from the nest until another egg has been given. If you pick it up, then after Dizzy dies, the egg returns to the nest.
  • * The broken bridge can no longer be crossed by throwing only two stones.
  • * Four of the lift roofs can no longer be exploited to go through screens or walls.
  • * The torch in “Denzil’s Pad” has been moved lower to patch a sequence break.
  • * The sound of the dragon’s fire and hawk swooping is no longer interrupted by Dizzy’s footsteps and other effects.
  • * You cannot grow the bean without first planting it in the ground.
  • * Daisy’s lift switch no longer flickers.
  • * Fixed getting stuck in the lift in “Daisy’s Prison”.
  • * Now the game music does not restart after collecting a coin or losing a life.
  • * Voice player no longer uses the I-register (previously this could lead to a ‘snow’ effect or other glitches on some models).
  • * Corrected some typos in English texts.
  • * The dragon fire flame does not disappear when exiting/entering the screen or opening inventory.
  • * The hawk can now fly up and cannot be tricked with the inventory menu.
  • * Fixed the life counter (previously showed one less life).
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  1. Would be good if someone removed all decoy items from old Dizzy games. Without decoys, the newest game was brilliant. Each item had a purpose and all made sense. If you had seen the item you would actually think "Ahah! I need the XXX" rather than having no idea and trying everything. Anyone who does not like Dizzy should still play the most recent Wonderland one that was released for Next, it's fantastic 😍


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