Jump 'n Bump - Cute bunnies battling it out in this teased Commodore Amiga OCS and Sega Mega Drive game! [Alpha Available]

Titled as ' Jump 'n Bump ', this game was originally released for free by Brainchild Design in 1998 for MS-DOS.  It supported 4 players and was about bunnies crushing each other to death to get the highest score. So why are we mentioning this now? Well not only was the game released some time ago as a remastered version for modern systems by Domarius Games(link). But at some point in the near future, Earok will be porting the game over to the Commodore Amiga and Sega Mega Drive via the Scorpion Engine.

Here's the latest about the game from Earok with hosting and play testing by AmigaLive. "Jump N Bump is a cute but gory four player action game, originally created by Brainchild Design in 1998, now partially available on the Amiga as an ALPHA version developed in the Scorpion Engine. As for what the changes are and future developments, they are as follows. 

  • Score tracking and player selection options still to be added. I'll add these once I come back from holiday in a week or two. 
  • Requires EITHER a parallel port adapter OR two CD32 pads for four player. (can be played 1-2 player without them)
  • Cartoon gore, may not be suitable for everyone. I may make a violence free build.
  • Requires A500 1MB, faster Amiga recommended (A "performance mode" build that uses sprites and has certain effects turned off or dialed down should be available in future).
  • Scorpion project files available here under GPL3 (requires Scorpion Engine 2024.0).
  • Can be played online on the Amiga Live gaming service right now.
  • Screen scrolls due to the resolution being smaller than the DOS original, hires/laced modes may be supported in future.
  • Rudimentary AI may come in future.
  • Some other minor effects (in particular, butterflies) still to be added.
  • No Sega builds yet, but it can be built for Mega Drive/Genesis from project files.

So yes as we said before in our previously deleted article from yesterday. Sadly while we don't know when the game will be released or how much the game will differ from the DOS version, if it's anything like the original however you'll have a ton of fun crushing cute bunnies in this chaotic multiplayer experience.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Download (Amiga only rersion so far!)


  1. REALLY cute graphics :) Looks like fun!

  2. This looks great, a sort of bunny joust. I like the idea of also having a version/option without the cartoon gore, I think it would be good to have a funny animation and them fall out of the screen or something, a bit more in keeping with it being some harmless fun.


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