Phantomas Tales 4 Severin Sewers - A high quality remaster of the 2012 ZX Spectrum game by The Mojon Twins

If you don't have a Commodore Amiga, but you do have a ZX Spectrum, then we have just been informed through Twitter, that The Mojon Twins has released their latest ZX Spectrum game of 'Phantomas Tales 4 Severin Sewers'.  An Arcade title which isn't just a high quality remaster of the 2012 ZX Spectrum game by The Mojon Twins, but also as a celebration commemorating the 25th and 26th anniversary of the character Phantomas. To coincide with this news, make sure to check out the latest screenshot of the remaster linked viewed below.

Here's the latest from the website. "You control Phantomas. Your goal is finding 15 gold coins a-la Uwol in each level, traversing the old Metro city and its sewers. Avoid acid wells, rock triturators, extraction robots and the terrible madmen from the Vehjstiahows sect. As usual, Phantomas can run left or right and make two kinds of jumps: HIGH jump and LONG jump. You have to master the use of both to success. Besides the 15 gold coins, you’ll find battery power-ups. Use them wisely, they will come in handy as you progress in the game!".

Links :1) Source - Thanks elmundodelspectrum for the heads up!

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  1. Phantomas Tales 4 Severin Sewers It's special!!! The Mojon Twins It's a great team. Waiting for another engine in Filmation mode, for the ZX Spectrum.


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