Colin The Cleaner TURBO EDITION - A bug fixed and faster version of IJK Software Ltd's 1987 speccy game

The sun is shining and it's feeling rather warm, so how could it possibly get any better? Well how about this new(ish) game for the ZX Spectrum, called 'Colin The Cleaner TURBO EDITION' by retrotechtive. A 100% assembly version of the 1987 classic, completely rewritten using the BASIC original as a reference! A new version of the game which is faster and hopefully....With less bugs a more enjoyable experience to play! To coincide with this news, we've got some information about the game as well as some gameplay footage from Saberman.

Here's what MobyGames says about Colin The Cleaner. "You play the role of a cleaner who works at a museum. The gameplay involves you collecting all the litter that has been left by school children on a school outing within a certain time limit. To hinder your task further you cannot fall of a ledge or walk down steps as this involves you losing a life. All you have to aid you are teleporters and ladders so a tactical thinking is in order to make sure you don't get trapped on top of some stairs. When you have collected all the litter an exit sign appears and you collect it to go to the next level. ".

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  1. How do I submit games for inclusion on this site? Because I worked on a game called Whack 'Em Smack 'Em Byrons that's available for nearly a half dozen systems (ColecoVision, MSX, SG-1000, Spectravideo, and hacked 3DS). I'd port it to a toaster if I could.


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