Skinny Marley - A new Amiga game based on the mechanics of the famous Sokoban

With a double heads up from two good friends of ours, both Saberman(YT) and Amiga Bill(Twitch Streamer), we've been told if you like the classic 1980's game of Sokoban. Then Toolzzi has you covered with the new Commodore Amiga game of 'Skinny Marley'. A game which is not only based on the mechanics of the famous Sokoban, but according to the developer, is a tribute to his little adventurous doggy who passed away in 2021 due to a medical error. To coincide with this news, here's the latest footage of the game viewable below.

While further information about the game and the inspiration behind it can be found on the website, in brief here's the latest about Skinny Marley. "The game is based on the mechanics of the famous Sokoban, but with entirely new levels, aesthetics consistent with the game's proposal, and a very interesting dynamics. You can spend a good time having fun and racking your brains to pass through all the levels. Use the arrow keys right, left, up, and down to move Marley through the stages, helping him to have a good night's sleep after hunting the objects he likes most around the house".

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  1. Please, delete this annoying and frustrating noise when he walks. It's horrible

    1. +1. The music would be more at home on my Plus/4 rather than Amiga! ... the audio in general is clearly letting down what otherwise might be a pretty fine little game.

  2. If it can only be controlled by the arrow keys (no Joystick option) that would not work well for me & I'm sure others; I sit a fair distance from most of my Amigas when gaming. Hopefully Joystick support & improved audio will happen, if so it may be quite fun.


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