Galaga - Arcade classic is still coming to the Commodore Amiga as a conversion by JOTD

Remember when we posted about the 1981 Arcade classic of ' Galaga ' was coming to the Atari XL/XE and Atari 5200 as a high quality Arcade port by Gimmee99? Well you'll be happy to learn that if you have a Commodore Amiga however, this game originally developed and published by Namco Japan and by Midway in North America in 1981, is also coming to the Amiga thanks to the hard work of JOTD! As in his words for the latest video, "Galaga is almost playable, with gfx & game glitches: note: this is much smoother because of emulation. Final result needs optimizing and will probably run at 25Hz"

Galaga puts you in control of a mighty spaceship that must destroy waves of enemy formations that are out to destroy or capture you. As for this latest preview tease, rest assured that if you have a Commodore Amiga and have played any of JOTD's previous Arcade conversions, you'll love this upcoming conversion due at some point this year!

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  1. There are already several galaga conversions for the Amiga, including an AGA one.

    1. Yes I know, including Deluxe Galaga from the 90's to the more recent Tiny Galaga. But this is going to be a proper Arcade conversion

    2. There's a difference between a port and a conversion. Most / all of the arcade clones were just 'interpretations' of what the actual game was like. This one is running the actually Galaga code on your Amiga. Natively. So not an emulator. Awesome job guys!

  2. The arcade conversion enemies have very recognizable trajectories and attack patterns. Plus the challenging stages, ship capture, mutant attackers. This is one of my favourite games and even if there are other Galaga version that one is still the original and the best one.


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