Transversion - Ocean Software's ZX Spectrum fast paced puzzler appears on the Amstrad CPC

While we wait for the big announcement of a new game that's hopefully going to be released on the Amiga, Atari XL and C64 this weekend. The first game that needs to be mentioned on Indie Retro News, is Typhon's new Amstrad CPC conversion of Transversion. A game in which the creator says, " is not only a port of the 1983 Solar-Fox/Gridrunner game originally for the Speccy, but it's using the CPCTelera library, and includes a few of the graphical tweaks from the awesome versions by Denis Grachev". To coincide with this news, Xenomorph has provided a video showing the game in action.

Here's what the excellent mobygames site says about the game. "Transversion is simple yet fast-paced puzzle game. The story places the player in control of the space ship Elimax. The players mission is to seek out and destroy alien egg pods on the galactic grid. which is accomplished by flying their ship around the grid and over the alien pods leaving their Raydon field to destroy them".

"There's no shooting in this game, at least the player does not do any shooting, the aliens who patrol the edges of the grid do lots and lots of shooting. All shots travel along the lines of the grid, so a player who either stays still or travels in a straight line for too long is an easy target. The player starts with five lives and scores points are scored for each pod destroyed. When a life is lost the player restarts the level with all pods back in place on the grid. The game records the highest score of the gaming session and plays "Congratulations" when a new high score has been set".

Links :1)  Source  2) Download


  1. Hi. The download link in the YT video description gives "404 File Not Found".


    1. Need to be a forum member to use that link, hence me using my own download link above :)

    2. I see, thanks. I got the game. :-)

  2. Cassette 646 version, please.


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