Chex Quest Remastered - 64 bit compatible version of a classic FPS

Ah Chex Quest, there's a game that brings back memories of a time when everyone loved a good Doom style first person shooter and Chex Quest was the weirdest of the bunch. Originally created in 1996 by Digital Cafe, Chex Quest was released as a cereal promotion aimed at the much younger generation with hardly any of the adult variety featured in Doom, even though it was based on the Doom engine. Fast forward to today and we have Chex Quest Remastered to play, which is the 64-bit compatible remastered version of that very hit classic.

Once again just like the original you play as the Chex Warrior, a humanoid in an anthropomorphic piece of Chex cereal armor, as he fights to eradicate the Flemoid invasion. Featuring everything the original had with lots of green aliens, sliding doors, fruit to pick up and a spoon of power this is a game that needs to be replayed just to see how cool and yet strange it really was.

Available for PC and MAC, here

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  1. This isn't even a "remastered" version, it's just the Chex Quest 3 download you can get from with the chex3.wad swapped out for chex.wad (along with some saves and random folders). Which that's only a modified version of zdoom, and zdoom has been around for ages.


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