Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon - Retro inspired Dungeon Crawler gets an Indiegogo campaign

Although we have featured this game before while it was going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, the developer has mentioned to us that they are now pushing for funding through Indiegogo. For those of you who loved games like Eye of the Beholder or the more recent Grimrock, then it might be worth your time to take a look at the latest dungeon crawler; Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon.

Of all the dungeon crawlers we've featured from retro to the more modern experience, Dungeon Kingdom looks to take the genre to new heights with features that add to the already great dungeoning way of life. Dungeon Kingdom will not only feature modern graphics with a powerful dynamic lighting and shadows system but also cross platform save sharing, achievements, deep story, indoor and outdoor environments and an interesting physics engine.

With all the dungeon crawlers we've played, Dungeon Kingdom is certainly looking to be a top tier game.  Now where's my axe I need to slay some people who haven't yet pledged!

PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

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