OpenIG : Imperium Galactica Open Source Remake 0.95.201 released

One of the finest space strategy games "Imperium Galactica" originally developed by Digital Reality in 1997 is once again available as an open source version of OpenIG. Now developed by David Karnok which features a ton of improvements over the original game, from a new trade screen, to AI improvements to high quality graphics and random galaxy generators. An incredible open source title of which we rate very highly on Indie Retro News. So head on over to the changelog list and grab the latest version.

Game version 0.95.201 released

Notable changes:
  • Fixed crash due invalid diplomatic relation entries caused by Mission 4. [Issue #902]
  • Fixed NPE caused by losing mouse status information due desktop switch/UAC.
  • [AI] AI will build ground cannons without unnecessary delays.
  • [AI] AI will upgrade static defenses without unnecessary delays.
  • [Groundwar] Fixed unit movement sometimes not correctly rotated into the movement direction.
  • [Balance] Increased ground cannon damage against fighters

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