The Tales of Grupp - Another impressive homebrew ZX Spectrum title!

I must admit when it comes to all these homebrew titles, I do actually prefer the ZX Spectrum over the C64, perhaps it's the higher grade of game play or the intense in your face colours. Not to say the C64 is bad, far from it, but it's a system I prefer so far. But back to the here and now, we have another impressive game to show off in the form of 'The Tales of Grupp'; an arcade adventure style game from Retrobytes Productions.

In this game, you play as Grupp, a handsome womanizer Knight who, after having many love affairs with the kings daughters, is on a revenge mission to kidnap them all and make the King suffer after being rejected from the army and the daughters imprisoned. You will be able to buy items in the shop, collect ruby's, find magic , grab keys and fight your way through the Kings forces.

O Left
P Right
Q Up
A Down
M, SPACE Select
1 - 4 Buy in the shop

Download ( 48K )

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