Escape Machines - Science fiction shooter with powerful robots

Back To Basics Gaming have informed us about their new science fiction shooter called 'Escape Machines' that is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign. Set in a world of people and robots, the story is about love, hate and greed for power between people and artificial intelligence. Developed using an in-house engine created with Flash Builder, Escape Machines is a non-linear shooter with beautiful old school graphics in a fully 3D rendered environment with animated sprites in an isometric view.

Currently Escape Machines is in beta and will feature, co-op and VS multiplayer, robot building, the commanding of robots, armour and weapon upgrades, huge bosses, vehicle travel, a level editor and an original soundtrack mixed with progressive trance and electro-funk.

Escape Machines is currently available as a beta for PC on the main website, or you can vote it up on the Steam Greenlight page.

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