Z-Exemplar - Retro inspired ZX Spectrum R-Type demo update!

Throughout this year we've been featuring Suminell Studios upcoming ZX Spectrum style Shoot em up of ' Z-Exemplar ', which as of yet hasn't gained enough support for a Steam Greenlight success.  In development for Android, iOS, PC and Mac, it has the look of an R-Type, Gradius and Nemesis clone while combining bright, clashing 8-bit pixel ZX Spectrum detail but with frantic action and a classic loading squealer! To further push for a success, the developers have now released an updated Pre-Alpha Demo of which you can download below the trailer.

  • A vast arsenal of upgradeable weapons and ship enhancements 
  • 10 Level themes and unique graphical styles 
  • Dozens of end-of-level bosses 
  • Unfolding story 
  • Authentic 8-bit audio and music
Thus if you want to relive those ZX Spectrum days but with a brand new Shoot em up in an R-Type flavour, then give these guys your best greenlight thumbs up!

Links : 1) Steam Greenlight 2) Website + Demo

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