Humans Must Answer - Side Scrolling Shoot em up

Another day another shoot em up and again it's a nice looking game!, it has a very R-type feel with a multitude of weapons including a Lightning gun, Machine gun, Shotgun and Cannons. What's even more impressive is you can place temporary turrets and experiment with combining different weapons, so variety certainly helps in a world of shoot em ups.

The story goes that You play as the pilot on board a Scout ship called The Golden Eagle, which certainly fits going by the trailer/screenies. This ship is piloted by and you probably won't believe me, Chickens..... But they are not the type of Chicken that we see on farms these are Chickens with a high IQ and are rather Dangerous.  Apparently after finding our solar system instead of us giving out a friendly hello, we turn hostile thus starts the battles!.  I must say I enjoyed writing this, not often you get to write about chickens in a space ship.

This shoot em up is being developed by a team of ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers, so don't expect any first person shooter but do expect a lot of good ideas and of cause a well backed product. The graphics certainly look impressive as well with moving backgrounds, massive explosions, laser beams and BIG bosses. The game also has a shop whereby you can upgrade your ship and weapons, yes chickens also use the shops!.

Also according to developers there are some hidden eggs for which you can find, so you need to challenge yourself to get those. Besides what Chicken shoot em up, wouldn't be without it's Eggs!

Release: 2013 / Windows

This game has a website
However the most important is getting it voted and up on Steam Greenlight, so what are you waiting for?  GreenLight Page

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