The Witch's House - Horror JRPG

Prepare to play a game that certainly will have some of you jumping in terror, just make sure the Lights are out, the Headphones are on and nobody can disturb you, because you are about to play The Witch's House!. 

I won't give too much away, but the story is about a young girl of 13 years old called Viola who awakens to find herself in a strange but eery forest.  The only thing to keep you company is a strange talking black Cat who watches over you, yet seems largely apathetic towards your fate. The way out of the woods is blocked by a wall of roses and the only way to go is towards a large house with doors wide open looming you inwards.

What begins as just a normal creepy house turns into a game of Horror. There will be times that will make some of you jump in fright!, you'd think a story about a 13year old girl would be charming and kind but not this game. You will die and when you die don't expect a quick death screen , you will also have your body parts splattered about the room. The game does contain a number of puzzles and challenges for which you have to accomplish to continue further into the story. The game style is very Jrpg with the way the character moves, the graphical art style and the selectable boxed UI option but how many of us don't like JRPG's?

Will you survive the horror?, will you find out what is following you and the truth behind the house of gore?. Well now is the time to play and don't forget lights out people!

Download The Witch's House 1.06

Installation of the RPG Maker VX RTP is required to play.
Download RTP

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