HOT NEWS! - Eye of the Beholder 1 Dos version Full Auto Map

I never thought I'd see the day that Eye of the Beholder 1 on the PC via Dosbox would see an auto map, the only version ever to have that was a special edit of the Eye of the Beholder Amiga AGA version which needed WINUAE.

Remember when I wrote that large article here on Indie Retro News regarding the Amiga version?, well now that the DOS version has auto mapping, I highly recommend grabbing a copy ( original ) version of Eye of the Beholder and using this All Seeing eye via Dosbox. Getting the Amiga AGA version to work was a royal pain in the backside but not anymore!

The developer put some notes out regarding this AutoMap
The Eye of the Beholder - games are AD&D-rulesystem based dungeon crawlers released in the 1990s by SSI. They draw huge incluence from Dungeon Master, a game amazingly released already in 1987. The first two EOB-games were developed by Westwood Studios but the third one, universally considered bad, was developed internally by SSI.

Games from the 80s and 90s generally didn't have an automap but assumed players drawing their own maps. With Dungeon Master and its clones, mapping could be tricky with teleporters and changing dungeon layouts.

The All-Seeing Eye is an automapper for the PC MS-DOS versions of the first two EOB games, meant to be used with DOSBox on a Windows PC. It shows a real-time updated dungeon map on a separate window. The map is revealed as you explore.

So what are you waiting for? go and download DOSBOX then use the retail version from GOG : Link ( Thanks Samuel ), version of Eye of the Beholder 1 and play this game in all it's PC glory. However we must wait for Eye of the Beholder 2 to be done with All Seeing Eye Auto mapping.

  • The package includes the software and instructions. 
  • A collection of saved games for EOB 1. 

If you need any help with Dosbox see this tutorial

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  1. Dumb Penguin Fan23 January 2015 at 03:13

    Gah! I just started playing this again, in DOSBox...on a Linux system. :-( I could run DOSBox under Wine to do this, I guess...


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