Underrail - Epic turn based isometric RPG inspired by classic RPG games

Today we are taking a look at a game called Underrail by Stygian software. Underrail is a turn based isometric RPG inspired by classic RPG games such as Fallout, Arcanum, Neverwinter Nights and System Shock 2. The game is still in alpha and can be purchased over on Desura for €7.99 or if your currency is pounds £6.49

The game is set in the distant future, When life is no longer possible on the earths surface due to some unknown catastrophe of epic proportions. The remnants of humanity are forced to live under the ground in a network of metro stations and tunnels where everyone is struggling to survive, does this remind you of another game anyone? Say metro 2033?

The games protagonist gets caught up in a chaotic world full of conflicting factions which are fighting over humanities last gem of hope which has not yet been mentioned by the developers, information seems scare about this game, but here is what we do know.

The game play of Underrail is the gameplay of an Isometric, turn based, RPG. Underrail is an rpg which focuses on both exploration and combat. The combat utilizes weapons such as guns, grenades, energy shields, psi abilities and more.

The game has a vast underground world to explore, with under ground city states, abandoned building complexes, Natural caverns, secret areas and more. There will also be an elaborate crafting system, but nothing else has been mentioned about that either.

This game does sound pretty exciting although there is so little information about it , but since there is so little information it may be worth your while watching some lets play videos of the game or trying it out for yourself! This is one we will be keeping an eye on and reporting on as new information emerges.

So far the feedback of the alpha demo is great which is available when you purchase the game on Desura, here's a players short review for example
Awesome game, bought it and I'll be keeping a very close eye on future developments ! Thanks for the nostalgia and the experience !
If this game interests you, you can find its IndieDB page here and its webpage here

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