GearCity - Automobile manufacturing business simulator

GearCity is a clone of Impressions' Detroit which was made in 1994. Basically you are the owner of your very own car company. You will build and design the very best vehicles, atleast you hope so. You must take care of finances and set up branches to sell to various dealerships. For all the Car Tycoon fans, this is a must see game!

You start as a lowly Company man trying to earn a living and developing your company into the ultimate of car manufactures and sellers. You control all aspects of your business and this happens right away, as the very first thing you have to do is to design a chassis, an engine, and a transmission. Although this seems rather difficult for us arcade gamers, the system is made to be simple while allowing a high degree of customization.

Make sure your team is up to scratch as you higher employee's to research and build the very best of cars.  GearCity has over 300 body designs, 100 accessories, and over 7000 customization morphs. The options are limitless.

But that's not all, as after designing a car, you have to start production in factories and set up branches to sell to various dealerships. But that wont be easy when as many as 300 AI companies are trying to do the same.

What's more this game is going to be as Historically accurate as possible, as The world's economy and historical events have been accurately modeled between 1900-2010, which makes for a realistic experience.

Will you be the Ulimate Car Dealer or Fail under the pressure?


They hope to have an open beta in mid- to late March.

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