Capitán Sevilla - Arcade Platformer Remake based on the 1988 classic!

Today I'll be taking a look back at the Captain Sevilla remake, which was originally first released in 1988 by Dinamic Software for a multitude of systems, including the MSX,Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. This was an 8 bit game and developed in Spain, as such many English gamers will probably not remember Captain Sevilla. Captain Sevilla is a 2d side view arcade platformer in which you can jump and smack enemies, while eating sausages. The graphics are of considerable high quality for a remake way beyond  the original!

Regarding the game play, at first you just play as an ordinary character called Mariano Lopez who suffered the effect of a nuclear explosion, but by the collection of sausages which became radioactive, you turn into a superhero. Yes, that superhero is Captain Sevilla. This gives you new abilities, such as super jump, Gliding, and Super Strength. A game worthy remake, with plenty of levels and bosses to fight!

Available for both PC,MAC & Linux developed by CEZ RD

WEBSITE(English Translated)

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