Pioneers - turn-based game with RPG elements

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this game was Pirates, it also has the same graphical feel as other long since past colonization dos based titles. I just love the way this game looks and it has a ton of potential, this is Pioneers, a turn-based game with rpg elements.

As the game begins it's up to you to pick the right crew, You need someone who's good with weapons and hunting, someone who is good with carpentry, someone who can draw maps, someone who could easily learn native languages and so on. Once that's done, you put them on a ship and head out as a Pioneer to an unknown land.

Even when you have gathered your crew, there is so much more to this game, you have to make sure you have the right equipment and of cause the all important ship. Without a ship you couldn't swim to the unknown lands, you'd probably drown just carrying all those tools!  Then by conversing with different people you get quests, which may be to follow the steps of the previous explorers that never came back and find out what happened.

You may even find treasures and to compose an accurate map, find contact with unknown native tribes and 'export' religion or simply be the first to disover a piece of the world. 

The developers have also added seasons to the gaming world which bring a new set of challenges, then factor in the wildlife, tribes, starvation and diseases, you will be kept busy. With each part of the world you discover, you gain access to larger regions further away from home. It's not that you couldn't go there to begin with but you need more men and supplies, which means you need to collect more wealth beforehand.

Another neat addition to Pioneers is the communication system between other tribes as the developer states :
You see, when you encounter an unknown tribe you are not able to understand them because they speak an unknown language. All foreign communication in the game takes place in form of icons/symbols/glyphs that you have to decipher. To make the players life easier, animals and tribes both share the same system. When you see a wolf start to attack you and this certain icon appears over its head you better remember this, because when you interact with some tribes and the same icon appears, you know you better get out of there.
This indie retro style game is high on my most interested list and it should be for you too. I'd highly recommend giving the game a go and letting them know what it's like. Be aware though, the game is in development as such many features may change. Also at this time although the builds are free, it will be a commercial game in the future. Once a certain milestone is reached, which won't happen just yet, new development builds will not be released publicly. From that point on you will be able to pre-order the game and hopefully soon after that the real game will be released

Download for Windows
Download for OS X

Pioneers is also on Steam Greenlight, so make sure it gets plenty of votes! 

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