Real World Racing - Top Down Racer (Open Beta Available)

I'm a huge top down racer fan, but truth be told, so many are utterly rubbish. I remember playing Micro Machines, Supercars and the like, against friends and had so much fun doing so. We now have a new contender on the scene : Real World Racing. This game looks to smash any previous racers of this generation, off the road! The HD graphics blend enhanced high resolution aerial photographic images with 3D cars and physics based objects. Even the screenshot above smacks of awesomeness!

You'll be able to race through some of the world's greatest cities! Berlin, Rome, London and many others from a new and realistic perspective in this refreshing take on racing simulations.

  • faithfully modeled car parameters
  • realistic physics simulation
  • full-fledged career mode
  • online multiplayer up to 16 players
  • special challenges
  • arcade mode and much more
  • 80 different cars
  • 50+ tracks in world-famous cities
  • weather effects
  • tons of unlockables
Check out the latest Open Beta and let us know if it's worthy enough!
We are very pleased to announce that the Open Beta Demo for Real World Racing, is now available for download at the RWR official Website 

The RWR Open Beta Demo features:

- Online Multiplayer up to 16 players
- 3 Tracks from the final game, set in Rome, Berlin and London
- 6 Cars from the middle point class in the final game
- Single Player Arcade Mode
- Time Trial Mode
- Garage for car browsing and customization
Real World Racing is set for release in Spring 2013, don't forget to vote it up on steam greenlight!



I spent some time playing the open beta last night and all I can say is, after playing the BETA version I'm kinda dissapointed. The graphics are blurry, they should be much sharper, I don't feel like I'm playing some high def game. There are no graphical options, the AI is so good they never crash, they know the road and how ever much you try, you can't crash them off, as if they are like glue to the road, but they can you.

I feel like I'm playing a top down racer from EA. Also for some reason, I found it difficult to concentrate on the car and the track, as it gave me motion sickness at first. Perhaps it's the camera stuck hard close up on the car, perhaps it's the blurriness?

Time will tell for the full version, but it certainly needs work.

Developer/PR Response

Thank you for your feedback.

We're sorry you found that the graphics give you motion sickness and that the AI felt unfair to you. We can assure you, as you can see by the objects sometimes displaced along the track, that the AI cars do crash from time to time. We will be working towards enhancing the AI behaviour when interacting with the player. Also a rotating camera mode will be added to the demo in an upcoming patch. We hope to change your opinion about RWR when the final game releases.

My Question to the team

Thank you Playstos. In my play testing I never noticed any of the AI cars crashing, they were perfect. It would add just that little extra, if I were to race around the track and suddenly see the odd crash. I want to feel as if I'm in a race with other racers, really competing against each other and not the on rails feeling they currently have. 

A rotating camera mode would certainly help. Also another major nit pick, will the graphics be improved some what? Sharpness, as in sharper tree's and objects, as it looks a bit blurry to me, what sort of graphical options will you be adding? Thank you for your time

Playstos Responds

About the graphics sharpness: the current detail level is dictated by the aerial imagery source, which was the best available at the time of licensing. This means that the optimum resolution for the zoom level we need for the game to be balanced strikes at 1280*720. An higher resolution would mean either zooming out, which would unbalance the game and make everything tiny, or further stretching the textures, which would result in the precise same blurriness, albeit at a nominally higher resolution.

That said, in the final release we will introduce an option for higher resolution displays for playing at 1:1 pixel mapping, adding a border around the play area, and possibly a further option to sharpen the image.

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