Kwik Snax - Retro Arcade: Action (Browser Based)

The third of the online "Load" Dizzy playable games has been released thanks to the guys of yolkfolk. This is Kwik Snax, a very classic retro game from the 1990's. Here on Indie Retro News we've done a lot of Indie games, so it's so nice to see a retro title such as this. Kwik Snax was unlike many of the other Dizzy releases. No longer was Dizzy hoping from platform to platform and collecting items, oh no, this was an arcade maze video game.

This Dizzy was still developed by the Oliver Twins and again published by Codemasters for many different systems, including the Spectrum, which this online browser based version is based on. But once again Dizzy is having to save his friends and this time from many different areas such as Cuckoo Land, Ice Land, Cloud Land and as always Zak's Castle.

The basic idea is to move around a maze of blocks collecting tasty fruit, but the twist in the style is that you push the blocks in the maze to kill or trap those enemies. It's almost a Bomberman but without the bombs! After every level is completed a short bonus screen appears where more fruit can be collected. During play various other tokens are released, such as bonus points, a smart bomb and control reversal.

Thus it's time to relive the Dizzy experience, so head over to this website and play!

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