The Dark Triad: Dragons Death - Epic RPG (Kickstarter Update)

A new rpg Kickstarter has just been announced and this holds a lot of interest. This will appeal to many who have enjoyed Baldurs Gate or NeverWinter with it's 3D isometric viewpoint and full rpg features. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death is being developed by Autoloot Games LTD, the same developers who worked on Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and more. So what does this rpg contain and why does it look so good?

The Dark Triad: Dragons Death will have a deep history, containing plenty of hours of rpg gaming goodness in a vast world map. You'll be involved in hundreds of quests and side quests, all the while fighting in brutal and bloody turn based-combat scenarios. Currently the game is limited to just 5 classes, but not to worry as you can even have pets and sacred guardians that help you out in time of trouble.

The stats and skills system look equally impressive with even more additions, as the developer states : 
The stats and skills system has been made from scratch. You’ll find a really fresh and original mechanic blended with classic concepts, and this will hopefully cater to turn-based fans by providing some good fun and a challenge! We’ve already written 40% of the dialogues and lore, and the next step will be implement and associate the dialogues with the characters' actions and choices, skills, stats, items, etc to add the maximum of of gameplay options. We want you to feel that NPCs and characters are alive, that they have their own agendas, and that they remember what you told or did to them and act accordingly depending on their persona.
The graphics look gorgeous with fully detailed characters, and all in an isometric 3d viewpoint. But what is an rpg without some damn fine loot! Let me put it this way, The Dark Triad will have enough to keep you wanting more, especially as they have a thousand combinations with unique artifacts.  The only down side in this game which I was never a fan of, is achievements, with TDT having more than 5000.

Another eye opener, is the kickstarter goal is only £80,000 and that's a very decent amount to reach for what is a pretty impressive looking RPG. So check out the new trailer below and then head over to the kickstarter page and pledge!

The Dark Triad also needs your votes up on steam greenlight so check that out as well :)

Release date: Fourth quarter 2013


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