Torment: Tides of Numenera - Story-driven CRPG

You know there's something special in the making when about four hours after it first appeared you are given a Kickstarter link to do a news article on a game that already has raised over $600,000 out of a total of $900,000, only to find that when you sit down to write the article two hours later that the project has already been fully funded and then some! It seems that you know about this game already! But for those that don't, Torment: Tides of Numenera is what everybody has been getting excited about!

Back in 1999 and following in the wake of the cherished Baldur's Gate, came a now legendary story-driven RPG that goes by the name Planescape: Torment. Heard of it? Over the years many people have called for a sequel, or even a similar game with the same classic gameplay, magic, exploration and general fun from the original. Well inXile Entertainment have answered the call of the masses after a waiting period that was rivalling that of Duke Nukem Forever. Describing the game as 'not a sequel' and being set in Numenera's sci-fi setting created by Monte Cook is giving the Wasteland 2 developers a chance to expand upon Planescape: Torment's massive awe-inspiring story by asking the question 'What does one life matter?'

This question is obviously very deep and conjures up emotional responses and thought, inXile are building Torment to do this very thing exploring 'deep, personal themes' during the story. In fact these four points are given as the game's basis:

A deep, thematically satisfying story
A world unlike any other
A rich, personal narrative
Reactivity, choice and real consequences

All these build on the fantastic story from the original and hopefully will bring with them an epic to rival and maybe even supersede it. InXile have the luxury of some of the original team behind Planescape: Torment to bring this new adventure to you! Familiar and industry legends are listed on the Kickstarter but Torment boasts an impressive cast.

Whilst not seeming to be strict Dungeons & Dragons rules, Torment draws as mentioned on those of the tabletop game Numenera bringing a new element to Torment, an exciting one at that. Combat is again (in the main) avoidable and story elements really do affect your game! How can you not get excited!? A new way to develop your skills tree (it seems) are Tides, these colour coded elements reflect certain characteristics of your player, changing and affecting the game as you play. Further additions are legacies that appear to be perk like aspects, altering weapon behaviour and providing bonuses to the single playable character.

So to Kickstarter: As I write this the total is continuing to grow and is currently $1,075,000 and counting. Stretch goals haven't been released yet but expect expansion and enhancement to the writing and development of the game. A wealth of rewards exist, stretching from thanks at $5 to a private party (and everything in between) at $10,000! Pledges of more than $20 can claim a copy of the game at release in December 2014!

So if you're not already one of the over 20,000 backers get over to Kickstarter and support this awesome prospect!



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