City Quest - A classic point and click adventure game with a sharp wit (Kickstarter/Demo)

City Quest is a new Adventure title with very retro graphics, to the like of classic Sierra titles such as Police Quest. It also has the charm and death rate as if it were a game of Space Quest! In this Adventure title you can die in so many different ways, which has been lacking in most Adventure games thus far. Something simple such as walking in the road can get you run over, or doing the wrong action towards a puzzle could end up with your body parts torn apart, yet in this game, it will make you laugh every time. City Quest is being developed by StoneMonkeyStudios with an estimated release date of Sept 2013!

You'll also be pleased to know, that you don't just have the one character to be a part of, but there are four main stories which you follow throughout the game, Such as : The Hobo, Lady/Lad of the night, Mafioso and the politician. City Quest also follows very closely to classic retro based Adventure titles with commands such as Look, Touch, Eat and Talk, but be careful what you touch, you might lose a hand!

The kickstarter pledge goal is only $8,000 and to wet your appetite, the developers have provided us with a Demo for you to try.

City Quest is also on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to give them a thumbs up!

With so much charm, fun, retro graphics and a great soundtrack, i'm really hoping this gem of a game succeeds.

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