Cymbil Spellcraft - Something different? How about this Co-Op Action RPG ARPG Creator Toolset Kickstarter!

A new multi-style of game by developers Eyeshock, is currently going through a kickstarter, and with what it has on offer, it might be worth a pledge! This is Cymbil Spellcraft, a story driven action RPG for both single player and co-op multiplayer gaming. But that's not all, as it also hopes to give new rpg game designers the tools to create new adventures with a Cymbil toolset. The developers have created a game from the inspiration of legacy RPG's such as Secret of Mana and other such well known classics, so it could be a pretty fun experience!

Cymbil takes place in an alternate timeline where magic came to man in the 16th century. Join Cymbil, Leon, and Roshor on their incredible journey to discover why the very Earth has turned against all sentient life.

  • Topdown RPG homage with a healthy dose of platforming, and 'Metroidvania': explore lush jungles, dark forests, and deep caverns. Swim, fight, drive, and fly your party across three continents ravaged by conflict.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Co-Op has never been an afterthought in our project; multiplayer was the first major component implemented as early as last year, and has been updated at every milestone in development. The below video is from late 2012, and demonstrates our early commitment to multiplayer.
  • No weapon, play-style, or class restrictions: One of the great features of Secret of Mana was the ability to use any weapon on any character. In Cymbil Spellcraft, players weapon choices affect their special attacks and combo potential. 
  • Team Combos: Players familiar with Chrono Trigger will recall 'Tri-Techs', the ability for characters to unite their special moves for a much more devastating attack. Cymbil Spellcraft seeks to reward players working together, and connecting special moves logically will reward increased effectiveness and satisfying spectacles.
  • Destroy and Weaponize Everything. We love Vindictus' combat; it is genuinely satisfying to pick up a stone column, throw it at an opponent, and watch him smash through a wall. We reproduce this satisfaction in Cymbil Spellcraft using the real-time shatter capabilities of the Unity engine.
  • Huge Boss Fights! End Games bosses should be challenging, menacing, and huge! Enjoy the phases and colossal feel of MMO style bosses with action-RPG mechanics.
  • Puzzles, Platforming, and Action; Oh My! We understand players tire of linear gameplay and button mashing to victory. Our greatest challenge with Cymbil is to blend story, action, and skill to keep gamers immersed, engaged, and challenged. 


The kickstarter goal is at $80,000 with 25days to go. So if a decent looking ARPG with a cool toolset takes your fancy, you know what to do!

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