Frontiers - A large open world of exploration, discovey and survival (kickstarter)

Game Type : Exploration, Discovery & Survival in a massive, relaxing open world with a nod to RPG's
Developer/Project By : Lars Simkins
Kickstarter Goal : $50,000 ( currently at a $49,006 pledge rate with 23days to go! )
Frontiers Game Info : A massive continent to explore with over 60 square kilometers worth of deserts, swamps, forests and mountains. Hundreds of structures both above and below ground, including castles, estates, temples , ruins and more! There's even a skill set and the ability to craft, especially weapons as you will be fighting enemies in this massive world.
Developer Quote : Other games have touched on that elusive feeling, especially Elder Scrolls and early Fallout games, but as fun as they are and as much as I love hardcore RPG mechanics, I've always dreamt of a game that emphasized exploration above all else, Frontiers is that game.
Release : Jan 2014
Systems : PC, MAC, LINUX

There's far more to this game, so make sure to check out the Kickstarter and pledge!



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