Hot News for WarZ! - New anti cheat : Punkbuster

It has been a long time coming, but WarZ the online survival zombie apocalypse game will at some point have a proper anti-cheat system, which has been seriously lacking thus far. The cheating has put many people off from the game, including myself. Even with all it's updates including new graphics, voip, it mattered not if people were cheating. But today we've got the news annoucement most of us have been waiting for. OP Productions LLC has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate our PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat software into the survival mmo Zombie Game known as The War Z, developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. 

When we will see Punkbuster in game? Soon I expect!

Website Annoucement


We will be bringing the servers down at 1:00 pm PDT -7 GMT for the patch. Expected down time is 1 hour.

New additions
  • PunkBuster Anti-Cheat
    • Punkbuster is required to play the game now.
    • When you first run the game after the patch you will be prompted to install Punkbuster; this may require administrator access to install. If for some reason Punkbuster fails to install you can manually install it by navigating to The War Z game directory (Default: "C:\Users\user_name\Documents\The War Z" and then to the pb directory where you will find "pbsvc_zombie.exe". Run pbsvc_zombie.exe to  manually install Punkbuster
  • Added the low setting back to "Lighting Quality"
  • Improved the material quality of some items in the game world. 
  • Updated Zombie AI; zombies should no longer walk through buildings. 
  • Players are now required to be in a clan for at least a week before they can donate to the clan. 

Bug Fixes
  • Updated the FN M240 Mag description with the proper amount of bullets; the description now lists 10 bullets.
  • While using scope with NVG enabled you will now see a crosshair. 
  • Fixed some spawns that were spawning items in overgrowth.

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