MechIES - An online battle arena but with Mechs! (Kickstarter)

Game Type : Online battle arena game, but with Mechs
Developer/Project By : CircleBox Studios
Kickstarter Goal : $30,000
Developer Quote :  MechIES puts you in your own mobile mech to battle in online arenas against friends and foes. Play your Mech, your way, to victory! Built for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Game Info Quote : MechIES (Mechanical Interactive Exo-Skeleton) is a game that places you in a completely customizable Mech to battle in an online arena against friends, foes, and the like. Set up your Mech your way, with interchangeable parts, gear, and weapons that all provide different benefits, abilities, and hindrances. Why play a Tank mech or Sniper mech when you can play as both? Don't get stuck playing one way. You customize your Mech to your play style. Combine different types of gear to create a completely unique Mech that is built to your unique play style and DOMINATE the Arenas.
Release : Oct 2013

Features :
  • Online multiplayer arenas
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux!
  • Completely customizable Mechs with interchangeable parts.
  • Fast paced and intense combat. None of that slow moving Mech stuffs. Your Mech speeds into battle with lightning fast attacks!
  • Battle with guns, rockets, flamethrowers, swords, axes, scythes and much much more! Chain scythes?!?! Bladed Boomerangs?!?!
  • Mech stats and 'class' are based entirely off the gear you equip (including numerous Hybrid combinations)
  • All abilities are gained through the gear you have equipped. A stealth tank? A healing DPS? A stealth DPS tank that heals?!? Whattt??? You equip, you choose!
  • Arena style combat in teams or free for all!
  • Earn Levels and Ranks to unlock new gear and add-ons.
  • Form Guilds to battle with friends and send your Guild to the top of the charts.
  • Arenas include: Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Base Destruction, Death Match, Team Bosses and more.
  • Use the maps to your advantage with destructible objects and terrain advantages. Use it to destroy an opponent or bring the opposing team to defeat!
  • Variety of maps including everything from Big Worlds, Present time, Futuristic, Terrain, and everything in between. Bubble Gum land? 3D World???
  • Mech Skins set your Mech apart from the rest. Make your Mech as cute or as fierce as you want!
  • Switch between your Mechs during Arenas to adjust to the battle!
  • FREE to PLAY!
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