Amiga Dungeoneering Collection - Over 60 of the best Amiga Dungeon RPGS for your PC! (FREE)

If you loved old school RPG games, especially Dungeon Crawlers from the era of the Amiga,  then you will be drooling over this epic pack of RPG goodness. Thanks to Kaucukovnik who has put a mix of the latest (Hobring) HWA releases and his own, you can now play these games through the simple loading of each exe. But what really got me excited, was the fact that some of the games in this list take me back to the best times of my youth. With such incredible titles like The Eye Of The Beholder 1-2 AGA, Bards Tale 1-3, Dungeon Master, and Ishar 1-3 AGA. If that wasn't all, Kaucukovnik has placed in some rather nice manuals, maps and box scans, so what are you waiting for? Download it now and relive some of the best years of Retro RPG gaming.

Instructions : 

1) First unpack this one in the destination directory: ( So it looks like this C:\AmigaDungeoneering ) although it can be installed to any drive or other folder, but keep the directory name just to be on the safe side!
- ADC Base

2) Then unpack any of the following packs into the AmigaDungeoneering folder.
 - ADC Series - Bard's Tale - all 3 of them + Construction Set
- ADC Series - Thalion - Amberstar, Ambermoon, Lionheart (sort of bonus game)
- ADC Series - Ishar - all 3 in normal + AGA versions, Crystals of Arborea, Targhan (another bonus)
- ADC Series - Gold Box Part 1 - Dragonlance 1-3, Buck Rogers 1
- ADC Series - Gold Box Part 2 - Forgotten Realms 1-6
- ADC Series - Dungeon Master - DM1, Chaos and DM2
- ADC Series - Eye of the Beholder - EotB 1 & 2 + their AGA remakes using PC graphics
- ADC Series - Captive - 1+2, the 2nd one has CD audio packedin

3) The rest is packed by theme/style, again unpack them to the AmigaDungeoneering folder
 - ADC Pack - 3D/Dungeon - Abandoned Places 1+2, Black Crypt, Bloodwych + Extended Levels, Crystal Dragon, Dungeons of Avalon 1+2, Evil's Doom (originally unreleased), Fate: Gates of Dawn, Knightmare, Legend of Faerghail, Legends of Valour, Ve stínu magie
- ADC Pack - Horror - Elvira 1+2, Lords of Doom
- ADC Pack - Isometric - Hero Quest 1 + Return of the Witch Lord, Hero Quest 2, Hillsfar, Speris Legacy, Times of Lore, Tower of Souls
- ADC Pack - Sci-fi -Alien Fires 2199 AD, AutoDuel, Hilt 1+2, Hired Guns, Chaos in Andromeda, Perihelion: The Prophecy, Spacewrecked (a.k.a BSS Jane Seymour), Xenomorph
- ADC Pack - Odd - Alternate Reality: The City, Death Bringer/Galdregon's Domain, Drakkhen, Kargon, Obitus

3) When it's all unpacked or whatever choice of pack you have made, just load the exe to play the game!

4) Extra notes : Pressing F12 in game brings up the advanced options and I recommend ONLY touching the Display for your full screen res and the filter area to set up the scaling properties. Please note if sound messes up try a different sound setting, but don't mess with any of the paths, quick start, configurations or hardware settings. Pressing F12 can also be used to Save State, Load State and QUIT :)

Warning : You can also grab the latest WinUAE version from here but be careful when overwriting as this pack and the WinUAE ini file is only set up for the WinUAE version provided!  [UPDATED]

Big thanks to Kaucukovnik & HWA(HOBRING) for this lot of games and easy set up!

- You may get a Virus Warning through low quality virus checkers, it's a false positive!

If you have a legal purchased WHDLOAD.KEY you can place it in the AmigaDungeoneering and also AmigaDungeoneering\Data\hwa\C folder! Though this is NOT needed :)

- There may sound issues on certain PC's, this is down to the packages not your computer -


  1. I'm sure youve posted about this before... is there a changelog as I would rather not DL the lot again... Or is this just a repost? Thanks

  2. INDIERETRONEWS10 May 2014 at 20:56

    Hi there James the only update is the latest WinUAE version, which may make many of the packs more compatible. If you have the original version it probably isn't worth re-downloading.

  3. Damn that was quick.. thanks Neil.. Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. INDIERETRONEWS10 May 2014 at 20:59

    Any time! :)

  5. The Dungeon Master2HD does not boot. Just the cli window after loading.

  6. INDIERETRONEWS12 May 2014 at 13:05

    Here's another edition you could try until DM2HD is fixed 1)

  7. A dream has just come true for me! I'm terribly bad with WinUAE and it's configuration, but I absolutely love the classic RPGs. Thank you very much for your efforts to make them playable in a comfortable way!

  8. Most of the games work like a charm! I'm really excited! :)

    But so far two of them won't run (at least for me): Times of Lore asks for a disk labeled 1.3 (kickstart 1.3? I'm a noob here) and Fate: Gates of Dawn gives me just the blue amiga prompt but doesn't start.

  9. INDIERETRONEWS17 May 2014 at 20:18

    I'm happy to hear that you got pretty much all of them working bar the odd few. Regarding those two games, it's down to the original packer to get them working but he hasn't been seen for awhile


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