Deuteros X - A Strategy remake that was in the works!

Game Type : Space Strategy
Game Info from our previous article : Designed by Ian Bird and released in 1991. The game is set some 800 years after the Millennium, in a time when mankind has won the struggle to make the Earth habitable again but lost its spacefaring capabilities, which it is seeking to regain. This is no ordinary space game and so far there has been no game like it since.The object of the game is to mine resources, research new tech and to colonize further out into the solar system. Don't expect amazing graphics but do expect deep thoughtful gameplay with thousands of drones fighting away at each other as you battle to defend yourself against the Methanoids.  If you decide to give up it's rather satisfying hitting the Self Destruct button, the nuke button oh and you can even chill out with the Music Box which comes later. This is a game NOT to be missed
Remake News : It came as a surprise yesterday to find out that Deuteros was going to have a remake called Deuteros X. Simply searching for a Deuteros wallpaper was met with a number of screenshots that I have never seen before and it turned out that a remake was in progress, however it has recently stalled due to the developer's lack of willing to commit. Which is a shame as other programmers need the files to keep the Remake going. But from what i've seen of the work in progress and temporary screenshots it looked like a worthy remake and got me all tingly inside, lets hope it does end up being finished!
Release : TBA(Currently Stalled)
Systems : PC

The ORIGINAL intro screen

Concept art work, Hanger Bay


  • 1:1 remake of an all-time classic for multiple platforms
  • kick-ass graphics support via OpenGL and SDL.NET
  • dedicated developers who actually played it back in the day
  • a modular, scalable engine ready for who knows what?

Forum Link :

So far that is all I know, as information is sparse and last known posting was from August 2013. However all is not lost if you still want to play the original even with better graphical filters!

Deuteros - One of the best Amiga Space Strategy Games (PC UPDATE+FIXED SAVES!)

If you fancy playing the original Millenium 2.2 which was a prequel to Deuteros, then check out the original Amiga version in a PC format and also the remake!

Millennium 2.2 - Another great Amiga space strategy with two great remakes!

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