Rocket Ranger - Cinemaware hits back with an all time classic game (iOS,Android)

Game Type : Action, Adventure, Arcade
Developer :  Cinemaware
Game Info Quote : Gamers who whiled away hours on classic Amiga titles are in for a treat as one of the best-loved sci-fi action games from the era is set for a re-launch. Rocket Ranger was first released by Cinemaware on the Amiga in 1988. It became one of the most beloved and iconic Cinemaware games of all time and was released on several other platforms, including the Japanese FM-Towns computer and Nintendo’s NES. Taking its inspiration from 1950s TV sci-fi serials, the game sets the player in a world where the Nazis won World War II. Using rocket pack technology sent from the future, the player must travel the world and rid it of the escalating threat, combining strategic planning, infiltration by spies and lots of action scenes. Through dogfights, shootouts, fist fights, a nefarious plot involving a kidnapped scientist’s daughter and dialogue with various characters, the player must pursue the goal of building a rocket ship to reach the moon in order to rid the world of the Nazis once and for all – with a twist in the story at the end!
Release : Nov 1st 2013 iOS, Android OUT NOW
Systems : iOS, Android

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