#CandyJam Compilation! - Lots of free games that might get sued by the King! ;)

Welcome to #CandyJam which was created to protest trademark trolling and absurd trademark laws.  Especially King with it's trademarking of the word CANDY, which has angered many a gamer! All of these games in the #CandyJam include "candy" in the title. They can also include words such as  "saga", "scroll", "edge", "memory", and "apple", words that have also caused the odd battle with trademark issues. Some of the games listed are pretty good, so check out the interesting games below and play for FREE!

1) Candy Puppet Saga

Game Type : Arcade
Developer :  KillmondayGames
Game Info Quote : Candy Puppet Saga is a game made in a weekend for the #Candyjam, where the goal was to make a game involving candies. And using the word candy, saga, edge, scroll etc a lot. So the developers chose the special little red puppet, Mr Red, as the main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone!
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/candy-puppet-saga/21802/

2) Candy clicker Saga

Game Type : Puzzle
Developer :  Neritou
Game Info Quote : Click your way through more than 4 levels in this deliciously repetitive and super nonaddictive puzzle adventure!
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/candy-clicker-saga/22021/

3) Candy Cane Crush Saga Deathmatch

Game Type : FPS
Developer :  Imaekgames
Game Info Quote : Play as a candy cane, destroy other candy canes, gain multipliers by destroying static candy canes, use motionless stealth to blend in with static candy canes.
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/action/candy-cane-crush-saga-deathmatch/22027/

4) Candy Hooker Saga

Game Type : RPG
Developer :  HOT 'n SPICY Games
Game Info Quote : You play as Candy the Hooker, being a borderline bipolar, trying to attract customers and thinking about your life as you go.
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/rpg/candy-hooker-saga/22013/

5) The Candymancer Saga

Game Type : RPG
Developer :  Yellow Dinosaur Games
Game Info Quote : Candies make everyone happy! That's why you, a candymancer apprentice, were sent to make every creature around the kingdom of Candyland happy. By feeding them candies! The Candymancer Saga is an RPG of epic proportions!
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/rpg/the-candymancer-saga/21999/

5) Candy-Crushing Adventure Saga!

Game Type : Adventure
Developer : Bard
Game Info Quote : The King has made some evil decrees in the land of Candyville. Now he's hiding in his castle counting his candy money and laughing at everyone. That's not very nice, is it? Using your Magic Candy powers, seek out and crush the Candy Orbs to unlock new abilities that help you explore the kingdom.
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/candy-crushing-adventure-saga/21986/

5) Candy Blaster

Game Type : Arcade
Developer : Dookie-Boy
Game Info Quote : Defeat the king of ridiculous trademarks, Agent Sweet. Words do not belong to anyone!
Game Link : http://gamejolt.com/games/other/candy-blaster-this-is-my-word/21975/

That's just some of the games listed, there are even more on the main website

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