Armiga - A home made prototype of the next Amiga ( BIG INDIEGOGO UPDATE )

Last month a new project caught my attention, with what looked to be a brand new Amiga design. However at the time it turned out that this was a home made project using a Raspberry PI, a custom controller, Amiga floppy drive, and an SD card device. The Armiga Project (Armiga for short) as it's known, will please many people hoping to be able to play both real Amiga floppy games and those that are stored on the SD device. But today I've just been informed there is even more to this Armiga than meets the eye, and they have set up an IndieGoGo campaign for us to pledge and get our hands on this nice bit of kit. With a $140,000 Goal and further features including Ethernet connection, HDMI and USB connections, this is one to drool over!


Your Armiga will come with these features built in:

  • Full Amiga 500 emulation: The target machine is the iconic Amiga 500 and right now 90% of the disks are running!
  • Boot to Android: Armiga supports Dual Boot and comes loaded with Android 4.2.2, so when you're not playing you can have all the power of Android!.
  • Automatic disk load: Like in the original Amiga; insert the disk and off you go!.
  • Disk dump: Create ADF images of your favorite games and keep them safe on the SD.
  • ADF support: Bring your own ADF images on a pendrive or SD card and enjoy!
  • Disk swap: Just insert the disk and it will be dumped. When time comes to change disks, just select the right ADF. Ain't it easy?.
  • FTP server: No need to take the SD off to manage the ADFs; just do it from your computer!.
  • Graphical menu: Simple and elegant, with usability as main focus.
  • Game save: Save your game and resume later.
  • Autosave: Forgot to save?. We do it for you!
  • Screenshot: Wanna share your joy?. Give our screenshot feature a try.
Apart from custom software that lets you play physical disks and images, the Armiga comes loaded with Android 4.2.2, so you can have access to a huge world of Apps and games:

Indiegogo page

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