Hover : Revolt of Gamers - Mirrors Edge on speed! (Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight)

Developed by Fusty Game and with the participation of Hideki Naganuma, the great composer of Jet Set Radio is a game that can almost be described as Mirrors Edge, but on speed. Hover: Revolt of Gamers is a free run, parkour style game set in a futuristic sci-fi world of psychedelic colours. You'll be playing as a band of gamers revolting against oppression by running, jumping and sliding your way through the many buildings and alley ways, while hacking and infiltrating high security zones. What's more, if you play in multiplayer you can show your talents and become the leader of the resistance! Hover is ready for your pledges on Kickstarter!
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux (Oculus Rift) Kickstarter Goal : $38,000 Release : April 2015

Features :
  • Crazy sensations of freedom and movement 
  • In a 100% explorable openworld inside a vast futuristic extra-terrestrial city 
  • Colorful cartoon HD graphics 
  • Numerous characters to unlock and play 
  • An experience system and a skill grid per character 
  • join various clans 
  • A dynamical scenarisation without interruptions 
  • Non linear adventure and missions 
  • The game can be switched to multiplayer at any time 
  • Ability to create real time multiplayer events 
  • First and third person view 
  • Compatible and particularly adapted to the Oculus Rift 
  • Gameplay technique through a quick and intuitive handling 
Kickstarter page
Steam Greenlight page

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