Ananias - A HTML5 Roguelike looking for crowdfunding

Roguelike. Just the word brings up thoughts of ascii based dungeon crawlers with esoteric early '80s User Interfaces that have the steepest of learning curves that have more complexity than a B-52 cockpit. There are hundreds if not thousands of roguelike projects, each with their own unique spin on the classic formula. Ananias is an attempt to make the genre more accessible and easier on the eye to a broader audience.

Caves of Qud - the roguelike stereotype

So no random characters and quotation marks for different terrain elements, monsters and pickups with 150 different items to learn? Nope! actual graphics and nice maps to boot. The sample pixel shown art so far has been supplied by Denzi and looks pretty sweet.

Some of the characters already drawn for Ananias

A sample screen from Ananias

It's all being done in HTML5 specifically to be mobile friendly to add to the accessibility, so cross platform is a given.

The developer, Santiago Zapata, "Shashland" is no stranger to making games, particularly roguelikes, as can be seen on his site where he has dozens of his past projects listed. He's only looking for a modest $6K for for what promises to be an interesting take on the genre and for one of the pledge tiers you get to be a cat! what's not to like ;)

There's an early playable version here so give it a shot.

The fundraiser is on indiegogo

-Alistair Brugsch


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