Bad Apple 64 - A mighty impressive C64 demo!

Usually it's all about the games, but this time we are going to feature an impressive feat of work that I believe will amaze most of our readers. Released by Onslaught and developed by a number of talented C64 users such as Kril, Ukimenustah, svenonacid and Algotech this is a mighty impressive C64 music demo that really pushes the C64 to it's technical prowess.

Be blown away at the entire demo that is 100% animation, with over 2000 frames packed to a single disk, with each frame packed to around 70 bytes and running at 12fps streaming fully from disk! It's that incredible, what's more the feedback from the C64 is very positive with replies such as

WOW ... really impressive what i see ... awesome!!! 10/10 :)

challenge won!


I kind of expected this after the 8088 Domination.. Well served, sir!

But how do you get this to work without a C64 device? Simple! Just load up WinVice or any other C64 based emulator and load the file. Be warned though it may take a bit to load and when it does, be amazed.



  1. Naveed 'Algorithm' Khugiani1 July 2014 at 13:29

    Just some rectifications necessary for the credits :-) Code (c64) and encoding on video (PC) is by myself (Algorithm). Loader by Krill and music by Ukimenustah. Svenonacid and Algotech are groups :-)

  2. Sencillamente genial !!!!


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