Simpsons Treehouse of horror - Excellent free Beat em up based on a hit classic!

Originally released in 1991, The Simpsons Arcade game which was based on the original cartoon series featured non stop beat em up action with all your favourite characters. It was such a great game that many hours were spent throwing away the coins oblivious to the ticking clock behind you. Each character had set moves and personalities fitting perfectly with the cartoon. Bart had his skateboard and Marge had her hoover, you could even combine the two characters together all in the aim to get Maggie back from Mr Burns. It wasn't an easy game and having up four players really helped, especially with the amount of bad guys that you needed to beat up. Well fast forward to now and we have a special treat to show you in the form of Simpsons Treehouse of horror, which is a brand new game using the OpenBor engine that you just have to play!

Paying homage to the original Arcade classic this story revolves around an Alien Invasion trying to take over Earth, which is different to the Maggie story. You can also play as Homer, Bart or Krusty each with their own personalities and special moves. But not to worry as it does contain all your favourite characters throughout the game. Oh... And did I mention that there are also cameo's from Family Guy and Futurama, well there are and believe me everything fits so perfectly, it's such a great free game from Thatcher Productions

Features : 

Loads of exciting levels and environments, characters and bosses (including characters not just from Simpsons lore but also Futurama and Family Guy cameos)
mini game set in a makeshift kwik e mart where you can get bonus lives.
vehicle levels
Big boss battles
NPCs who can assist you

Includes Bonus games !
Reclaim Burns Manor: Where you are Vampire Mr Burns and you must stop criminals from looting your mansion
Tournament mode: Where you must face enemies in one on one combat
Family Guy: where you are Peter and see the events that unfold before he and his family are teleported to Springfield
Gallery mode: special images for your viewing pleasure

Available to play : here

Thanks to John for the heads up!

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