Rampage Knights : A Medieval Coop Beatemup gets an Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight campaign

Rampage Knights game by RakeInGrass games is about a group of knights who are robbed of their loot by an evil wizard. The game is a multiplayer beat-em-up which involves you attempting to get to the castle of the evil wizard from basecamp. You will want to grab a gamepad and some friends for the best experience. It's always great to see another game with a focus on local coop.

The first thing that really stood out to me about this game was the really nice art, animation and particle effects in combat. The backgrounds are wonderful too. The perspective is closest to a traditional beat-em-up but has subtle elements of an adventure game like kings quest or even an overhead perspective game like Zelda LTTP.

The world is a psuedo-randomly generated set of handmade rooms connected by various paths. From my playthroughs it seems that while there are branching paths, they tend to be one off rooms that serve as arenas to fight groups of monsters and unlock treasure chests. It seems there is one major path through the game as per the traditional beat-em-up experience.

The combat really feels quite nice, especially when drawn and animated so elegantly. It has some features such as automatic launch knock ups which which may be familiar to fighting game players. Essentially the enemy will get knocked up into the air for the second stage of the combo and the player will jump up as well to continue the combo in the air. Players can also gather limited use items such as throwing knives and magic spells as well.

Regretfully I did not have a coop partner to play the game with but it's very obvious the game would be a great cooperative multiplayer game. I look forward to bringing this to a friends house and making it part of my ever growing list of fun local coop games to play.

If you are interested in the game you can try a demo today here :

They also have a greenlight page here :

Finally they have launched a indiegogo campaign here :

Article by Alex M (Twitter)

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