Deuteros : The Next Millennium - New Alpha V.0.1.16 Remake Release!

Originally designed by Ian Bird and released in 1991 as a sequel to Millennium 2.2, Deuteros was an incredible Space Strategy game for it's time and I feel there is nothing like it still today. The object of the game was to mine resources, research new tech and to colonize further out into the solar system. But it was both the construction, the story, the immersion, the space battles and ship control which set it above many of the games even released today. So gamers that remember this fine title will be pleased to know that a PC fan based remake is now in the works by Gambit.

According to Gambit, the remake will be as close to the original as possible with a possible reworking to the save screen from the original game and make it into a menu for resolution,sound,save and load. When I questioned about any enhancements when it comes to the graphics, the developer did respond that he may look into new features, graphics and sound when the project is complete.

Currently the remake is in a very early alpha stage and not exactly playable, but throughout the development I will mention the latest release versions so you yourself can be a part of this classic remake.

Here is the latest version change log for Alpha V.0.1.16

A lot of changes have been made. I totally rewrote the shuttle/ship functions and have enabled the following
  • Dynamic creation of the shuttle. Random 1-8 pod mounts every time you create a shuttle (just for the test).
  • Shuttle movement horizontal (left and right) and vertical (Up and down).
  • Pod mounts for all pods
  • Pod movement up and down
  • Engine up and down
  • Add fuel counter and animation
Shuttle functions that have to be finished are.

  • Save all shuttle data
  • add some sounds
  • pilots
  • Fuel
I also reworked the resources and mining store

  • Surveying works and seems are discovered ( small seems at the moment to test them)
  • Nr of Derricks now influence the mining rate.
  • All data is saved and mining will work on all potential planets

I added a sound button to enable and disable the sound. If you spend an hour in the shuttle bay the sound starts to get annoying :)

Available to view and download HERE

For those that want to play the original game and it's prequel Millennium 2.2 from the Amiga, you can play the PC portable editions HERE

Also don't forget to check out the PC remake of Millennium 2.2 which is available HERE


  1. Methanoid says DIE HUMANOID SCUM!!! Good news on the remake

  2. Still play it, its a gem in the past, if you need my help with what and how things worked on amiga say so, now i play at pc though emulators, know every steam of the game can even say i can play at unbder24hours as master play though, still require you are lucky on the startup.


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