4D Sports Driving - Be the ultimate stunt driver in this Amiga CD32 port

Prepare for the crazy drive of your life as Earok has now released 4D Sports Driving; a game published in 1990 by Brøderbund Software, Inc that's all about the tricks, stunts and making your own crazy tracks in the construction editor. One of the best stunt games ever released and using either a first person or third person perspective you'll be jumping large gaps, pulling tricks and impressing others with your crazy track design. Although not as good as Stunt Car Racer, it's just incredibly addictive and is now available to play on your Amiga CD32.

DSI / Mindscape
Uses: KillAGA by Jolyon Ralph, Joy2key2 by Lorence Lombardo
Cover and control screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Even though you can't save your tracks on this release, you can still make them and race them. Just make sure to say "no" when it asks you if you want to save.
Since we've mapped a few keyboard commands to the joypad, a control screen has been included for your convenience. Also, we've chucked in the "Master Tracks" data disk and the FM Towns Marty intro for good measure (please ignore the fact that the game title, publisher and platform mentioned in the intro don't match the Amiga version at all!).
Available to download on the website HERE, make sure to either disable adblock or use chrome if the download doesn't work.

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