Legena: Union Tides - The latest JRPG through Kickstarter

Developed by Grandpa Pixel and currently going through a Kickstarter campaign, Legena: Union Tides is a turn based RPG mixed with a modern twist. Available for PC, Android, OUYA with Linux, Mac and Consoles as stretch goals; Legena features a traditional JRPG combat system with a more dynamic flavour. According to Grandpa Pixel this game will have plenty of other interesting features such as exciting characters, evil villains, unique dungeons and some pretty nifty ideas such a weather which affects battles, skilled based feather system and a morale feature which rewards moral choices.

The story goes that you you play as Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin as they travel across the seas of Dynol and the desert of Vesira in hopes to solve the great mystery of the Narrator, a childhood monster that was thought to be a legend. With plenty of interesting heroes, villains and a great list of added features all in that 16-bit JRPG charm, this is looking to be a worthy addition to the retro inspired RPG line up!

  • Dynamic Combat - Take part in a dynamic turn-based combat system that tells you who strikes next. Be prepared for fatal attacks and use your enemies attack pattern to your advantage.
  • Weather - Harness the power of the weather! Empower your fire spells by making the weather hot. Become shrouded in fog to reduce your foes accuracy. But be warned. They too can use the weather against you.
  • Feathers - Made from the Channelling itself. Equip Feathers to use a range of spells in combat and unleash powerful spells by equipping feathers of the same type!
  • Choices - While your fate always remains the same, who says you cannot help to change the fates of others for the better? Your choices will affect your allies and foes. Make the right choice and it will motivate your friends. And who knows. You may change the future..
  • Difficulty Grid - Need a meatier challenge? Too hard? Why not use the Difficulty Grid to find your difficulty? You can use the grid to modify Enemies, Rewards and your own SP and CP consumption. Dare you try the Insanity Mode? 
  • Replay - With the Difficulty Grid comes an increase in replay value. And not just because you have more modes to play with. Unlock hidden codes and secrets each time you play a new difficulty mode to discover new content ranging from new weapons to characters and dungeons...

The developers have set a low kickstarter goal of only £1,000 with 32 days to go and have provided a demo tease to wet your appetite.

( August 2015 release possible )


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