Another Dizzy Day - EgoTrip once again goes retrogaming!

EgoTrip developer of the previous Dizzy game; Dizzy's Poker Night, which was his very first Dizzy Age title, has now moved onto his second release, Another Dizzy Day. For anyone that is a huge fan of that little white egg, especially going by our Facebook group at least, you can now play another Dizzy game in an all new adventure. Even though not much is known about the story, when it comes to these EgoTrip releases, you'll just know it's going to be enjoyable. When it comes to Dizzy, I'm sure he will once again be picking up items, talking to npc's and solving puzzles.

Available to play for free HERE, thanks to Adam for the heads up!


  1. I'm starting to get dizzy about that much of dizzy , search something what's not dizzy! Idk , diablo 1 hd , or this

  2. You know that's already been mentioned right ;) Backer here too :D

  3. Yeah , but i didn't saw a post about it >.< . But still , thanks to you I know about one of most awesome games i'm playing :D


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