Ghosts 'n DJ's - A different take on the Ghosts 'N Goblins classic

Dr. Kucho! Games have announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Ghosts 'n DJ's; A PC, Mac, Linux game based on a very retro classic that nearly everyone has heard of, Ghosts 'n Goblins. Originally released in 1985, Ghost 'n Goblins was a hit Arcade Platform game that has a multitude of ports and is still loved to this day. Thankfully the developers have assured us through their campaign that Ghosts 'n DJ's will be very much like the classic but with a far more modern twist.

You play as Dr. Kucho!, a DJ who has been a producer since 1993. You are on a crusade to destroy the hordes of fake DJ’s taking over the world by dominating the music scene from the top positions, not because of their musical talent but because of a magical money power they brought from Averno. A very unusual story indeed, but we like it at least!

To emulate the side scrolling action classic, the developers have gone one step further than just keeping it to the classic gameplay by making it look as if it was being played on a real Arcade cabinet. As the developer puts it "this is not a new school pixel game with perfect square pixels, I have created a system to emulate the way the pixels are displayed on an old CRT arcade cabinet screen". So retro gamers should be able to keep to that classic feel as long as it's played in full screen.

Weapons have also been changed, unlike the weapons of Ghosts 'n Goblins in Ghosts 'n DJ's the weapons are now musical supports such as vinyls, CDRom, pen drives and tapes of which you can throw to defeat the evil bad guys. Ease of control will also be supported through PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and other compatible controllers (Keyboard as well).

Regarding the levels so far the developer has only made two, however the focus at the moment is the core gameplay such as the AI, but I'm sure more levels will be developed later in the project. I just hope they create more enemies than what is shown so far.

All in all though, Ghosts 'n DJ's is looking to be a whole lot of retrotastic fun, that brings back the days of the Arcade Platformers flushed through a modern musical era.

Featuring :

  • Run, jump, duck, fire up, straight and even fire down while jumping!
  • Climb ladders, ivies, pipes.
  • Funny in game comments on comic text balloons
  • Top of the line orchestral music (or retro chip tune music , still to be decided)
  • High frame count animations
  • Unique arcade pixel emulation
  • Multiple gamepad controllers ready
  • 4 levels of difficulty

Bedroom DJ
DJ that plays at Miami or Ibiza for free
DJ that doesn’t need to do P.R. for living
DJ that actually makes music A.K.A. producer

Available to view here, with a funding goal of $45,000!

Demo download (alpha version)

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